Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014 - Summer Holiday

Farmor and Hans have been in our neck of the woods for two weeks.  Nothing makes for happier kids during summer vacation than totally dedicated grandparents!  Here are a few scenes from their visit.

Picnic Lunch at the Beach

Mini-vacation at a hotel called Protea Amani Beach on the South Beach of Dar es Salaam.  Two nights away and it was just lovely (minus a wee bit of food poisoning for Farmor - welcome to East Africa!).

(huge waves were crazy but so much fun!)

(crabs all lined up for a race!)

Making New Friends
Learning New Games
(Grace is the new Welsien Family UNO champ!)
Playing Playing Playing
(one of East Africa's finest "death trap" playgrounds) 
Practing our Bike Riding
(she doesn't yet know that he often lets go!)
Baking with Farmor
Beautiful Sunset over the Indian Ocean...
sometimes I forget how lucky we are to have this view everyday if we want it!
Shopping for Grace's new school uniform!
Admiring the Tanzanian Flag :)

We have another week-and-a-half to go with Farmor and Hans, so that's great. And a very nice part of summer break has been that Kristoffer has taken quite a few days off of work here and there, making for long family weekends (which means I get to sleep late a few mornings a week - yippee!). Only 19 days until back to school (not that I'm counting)...and as much fun as summer break is, with not so many "new" things to do in Dar this time of year (despite the WONDERFUL weather right now) I think we will all appreciate the routine of the school year (tell me I am not the only parent who thinks that?).


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