Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2, 2014 - Baby Life

Aya is 10 weeks old now, and living a pretty good life.  She has been to the beach 3 times.  During her first time, below, she loved the cool breeze.  We definitely brought Aya back to Dar at the right time of year.

She was really loving a little time with Rose every day, but now seems to like Oliver pretty too.  
Here you can see the changing of the guard...Rose introducing Aya to Oliver.
The big siblings are always around, loving on Aya!  
Aya specifically responds really well to their voices and has gotten quite good at following them with her eyes.

She has also gotten used to how silly her Far is!

I need to start taking more selfies I guess of me and Aya because I have no pictures of the two of us - but we are together a lot.  At night time, since she had that virus, she is not doing as well as she was before the virus.  The last two nights have been 4 or 5 wakes/feeds :(  She sleeps well and often during the day - often putting herself to sleep on her playmat or snoozing in her swing which she just loves.  As long as I avoid her trigger foods, she is not fussy at all.

Aya is very smiley now and also chatting more and more, although I haven't caught a good conversatiom on camera yet.

We can't wait for Farmor and Hans to meet Aya when they arrive in 9 days.  Their visit will be the highlight of our third summer in Dar!

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