Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014 - A Good Goodbye

Yesterday we said goodbye to Rose.  First on Friday night her fiance, Marsh, arrived from Kenya to help her get back home with all of her stuff.  It was nice of him to come pick her up.  Then on Saturday afternoon we had a goodbye party where she could invite all of her friends to send her off.  It was really lovely - all of her friends wrapped her in kangas (African cloth) and offered her words of wisdom for her marriage.  They all got to meet (and question) Marsh, and he gave a speech to them saying he had no idea she had such a wonderful network here in Dar.   She also presented us with a painting of our family that she had hired someone to paint for us.  It was a very thoughtful, special gift that we will always have.  On Sunday night we took Rose and Marsh out to dinner with our whole family, and yesterday we said goodbye ahead of their very early departure this morning.  

All of these events were a way of helping Rose and the kids and us process her departure and celebrate the next phase of her life.  While sad to no longer have her here, we are very happy for her.  Kristoffer, Grace and Noah are so far doing OK.  Rose and I were the ones crying last night!  We are happy, too, that we found a nice woman, Oliver (pronounced Oliva...like with a Boston accent!), to replace Rose and Rose was able to train her for a few days last week.  Two days in and so far no complaints. Fingers crossed that it keeps going well!  Aya likes Oliver a lot and the big kids are starting to interact with her a bit more too.  I am sure that will take just a little more time.

Here are some pictures that I don't think Rose minds if I share.  We wish her all the best in the next chapter of her life. Safari njema, Rose, na nashukuru sana.  Hongera!

We gave Rose a framed copy of this picture and will display one in our house as well.  It is important to me that the kids will not forget someone who was such a big part of their formative years!

Rose with the three women who used to be nannies for Grace's best friends.  In our first summer here they spent a lot of time together and became good friends!
With a couple more of the "dadas".
 Everyone at the party!  
(Christopher the cook to the left...Rose's fiance, Marsh, to the right.)
 The Happy Couple...ready to get married!


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