Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6, 2014 - Boston Departure & Aya's First Travel

We've been back in Dar for just about a week now, so I think it is time to get back to blogging.  Let's see how I can keep up with life and all three kids!

My last two days in America were slightly stressful.  Specifically - Aya is on medicine for reflux, and I had confirmed that the medicine is not available in Dar, so the plan was to get a year's prescription to bring with me.  The doctor and nurse had this idea and were incredibly helpful in making it happen.  But the logistics and bureaucracy of the World Bank and the insurance companies (one for docs and one for pharmacy!) AND our lack of understanding the process from the start made the whole thing very complicated.  To make a long story short, after 10 days of emails not working, the morning of our departure I started calling.  It was a few hours on the phone with a variety of different people at different levels BUT in the end I was able to get her medication.  On our way to the airport, heading into Boston traffic.  4 hours before flight departure.  TALK ABOUT CUTTING IT CLOSE!  

As my mom said to me in the car after we had finally gotten the medicine, "If you don't have an ulcer after today, you never will!"

Then there was a slight hiccup with our baggage.  I had been told on the phone that all business class bags could weigh 70 lbs.  When I got to the airport they told me that Aya's checked bag could only weigh 25 lbs.  Whoops!  But I was able to get a manager to understand that my $200 fee should be waived because I had in fact been told by someone who worked at Delta that the bag could be 70 lbs.  Sheesh!  And you better believe me that we do not waste space or weight allowance when we travel. We were packed to the MAX in three brand new suitcases!

Next came a sad goodbye with my wonderful parents.  It is hard to explain why it was SO much harder for me to leave this time than usual.  Something about being home for 3 whole months, with my parents doing so much for me and for us, and enjoying them enjoying their grandchildren, Aya being born in America.  It was just hard.  But weepy me said goodbye as Aya remained sound asleep through the car ride, the check in, and TSA security check (even though they made me take her out of the car seat and everything!).

We got some pretty nasty glares when we walked into the business class lounge.  People were either thinking, "How dare you bring a baby in here!!" or "Dear God, please don't let that newborn be on my flight."

But to prove them all wrong, Aya was the perfect traveler.  Something about the noise or motion of the airplane maybe?  She slept for almost the entire 24 hours of travel and in the rare moments that she was awake, she was NOT crying.  She even happily let one lovely flight attendant hold her so that I could go to the bathroom.  We had nobody sitting next to us on both flights, so there was plenty of space for all of her stuff...but as long as she was laying on my chest, she was asleep and since I could lay down all the way, I actually could sleep too.  All airport/airline people were very kind to us on this trip.

It was another lovely reunion meeting up with Kristoffer, Grace and Noah in Amsterdam.  Our layover was just long enough for one last round of McDonald's french fries for the kids and bathroom trips all around.  Sadly, we were not sitting together on the LONGEST flight of the last three months.  10.5 hours all the way to Dar with a stop at Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Kristoffer gets the award for sitting with them in the back while Aya and I snoozed up front.  

And then just like that, our three months of crazy logistics were over.  We are here now in Dar.
More on our homecoming later...THAT is another story altogether ;)



PK said...

That is so great your sweet little girl was a gem on your way back to Dar. We just moved to Tanzania (Morogoro) for the next year. We are in Dar this week and having trouble finding quality bedding. Do you have any recommendations? I know a weird comment on your blog- sorry!

Hope you are happy to be back!

The Welsien Family said...

Kali, try Mlimani City. Mr Price, Game or the little shop next to Mr Price. Not sure which place is best or cheapest but they all sell bedding. Good luck!

PK said...

Thank you!