Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 21, 2014 - Two Months Old

Out littlest lady is two months old today.  After a week of not feeling well Aya is back to her normal sweet self, which is a little bit smiley these days (we still have to work for it, but she is getting more generous with the smiles).  We were thrilled on Thursday night when her fever had passed and she was no longer screaming when she was awake.

At a doctor's appointment yesterday, she weighed 4.9 kg (10.78 lbs), was 55 cm long (21.6 in) and her head circumference was 38 cm (14.9 in).  She received 3 more vaccinations (boo!), one of which really made her scream, but she recovered well from them.  I am happy that she is back to nursing normally after a 3-day hiatus.  During that time I pumped a lot of milk so Rose has given her a couple of experience they both seemed to enjoy as you can see below.

We are starting to feel a sense of rhythm to Aya's days and nights, and hope to have her routinized a bit more in the next few weeks.  She is still a better sleeper than the big kids were (except when she was sick).  She is pretty sweet and Grace and Noah still enjoying interacting with her very much.  As you can see, they are helpful as well.

We are loving this girl, especially as she is more alert and responsive now.  The big kids (Kristoffer included) can't wait until she "can do something" (Noah's words).  Aya loves her bath every night, to hear music, to feel motion, and to be talked to.  Happy two months, Aya!
Custom-made jewelry...from Noah with love!

 Napping in her big girl crib.
 This past Monday...
 Her second bottle ever, and her first bottle with Rose...

 Someone was feeling better (Thursday night)...
 Friday smiles :)
And two months old today!
 (she was really constipated after being sick...sitting up in the boppy with some head support finally did the trick!)

Gracie LOVES to be with Aya!


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