Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18, 2014 - Dar Strikes Again

Well we were only back for two weeks before the first sniffles.  And then the coughs.  And then fevers.    Grace and Noah both got sick on Saturday and by Sunday morning it was obvious to me (Dr. Mama) that Grace had a sinus infection and Noah had the croup.  We went in to the see the doctor to find that my diagnoses were correct but that they both ALSO had ear infections.  We got drugged up with antibiotics, inhalers, nasal sprays, etc.  Great.

Until the baby got a fever!  So now we're on Day 5 and while the big kids were cleared to go back to school, Aya still has a fever and is not herself at all.  Not eating well, fewer diapers, poor sleep, lots of screaming and/or moaning.  Her blood test yesterday showed it was viral, not bacterial like the big kids, so she is spared the antibiotics for now.  But wow...we hate to see our baby with a fever feeling so miserable!  Hoping the madness ends today.

All of this is just to confirm that we are officially back in East Africa - the land of infection (at least for our kids!).  Argh!

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