Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014 - Two Weeks

In the last two days, Aya has "woken up" a bit.  She is awake for a little bit longer during the day, which I hope will translate to sleeping a little bit MORE at night!  She is eating every 2 hours pretty consistently, except has been doing slightly longer stretches during the day.  Not fair! And let's hope that trend is on its way out.  Unlike either of her siblings who would never take a binky, Aya has been hooked on hers from her first night in the nursery at the hospital (they probably should have asked us how we felt about it before giving it to her - but needless to say, we're on board).  She is a baby who really needs/wants to suck for a majority of the time, so we're glad she's glad to have the binky. 

Red Sox won both times Aya has worn her World Series onesie! 
I think she even inspired Pedroia's grand slam :)
So sweet! (even with clashing stripes)
She's our purple girl!
 And for today's "official" photo shoot...
No papparazzi please!
(Note that Aya often does this with her hands in her face.  In utero, any time we tried to see her face on an ultrasound her hands were blocking them.  She hasn't quite dropped the habit yet!)
Look, Ma!  No hands!
Snug as a bug in a rug.

Yesterday was probably her first "bad" day...because we tried to do a photo shoot with our awesome friend and photographer Omar Gonzalez from New Jersey (his blog with examples of his fantastic work as an urban children's photographer is here).  Aya was not particularly cooperative...we heard her cry a lot more than any other day so far!  Omar is such a pro that we think he still got some lovely shots of her, but it was just a different kind of day for Aya.  (And it was so much fun getting a visit from Omar, Domenica, Luke and Maya!  Always too short, we loved every minute! Thank you guys for ocming!)

Yesterday aside, Aya is sweet and cuddly.  Grace has gotten really good at buckling her into her car seat, soothing her in the car, being a fetcher of diapers/wipes/clothes/burp cloths/binkies, holding Aya, and generally just loving her.  Noah is not so interested in holding Aya, but often sings to her and kisses her and talks to her.  He is very concerned at all times with where everyone is - keeping track of the whole family!  They both appreciate a good roll call when we are out and about.

My parents have been away in Texas for my cousin's wedding (so disappointing that we couldn't make it!) so we have been on our own as a family of five for the last several days.  It has been good for us I think and has made Kristoffer and I realize that we can manage this whole "3 kids" thing.  Of course, Aya and I are sleeping in a different bedroom so that at least one adult gets a good night's sleep - that helps too :)  We've visited a few local playgrounds in the last few days and had a really fun time at a "paint your own pottery" place (this place specifically).  The kids can't wait to pick up their new piggy banks next week.  Considering that their life currently does not have its usual routines and schedule these days, I'd say big sis and big bro are doing great.  

It's lovely to have a little baby in the house.  For our last time around, I am trying to appreciate the small joys of this new little person.  She is looking forward to more visitors coming to meet her in the next two weeks (and so are we!).


p.s. Also meant to write that Aya's umbilical cord fell out on April 30th, when she was 9 days old.  And so it begins...

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