Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 12, 2014 - Three Weeks

Aya Karen is three weeks old today.  At her doctor's appointment this morning she weighed 7 lbs 15.8 oz, which means she gained a full pound (about a half kilo) in the last two weeks since her last appointment and she is well above her birth weight now.  Yay for Aya and how well she is doing feeding!  She seems to have all the symptoms of acid reflux/indigestion so we got a prescription for baby Zantac (antacid) and I will now be cutting dairy, broccoli, cauliflower and garlic out of my diet to try to help with painful gas.  But the pediatrician we've been seeing thinks Aya is otherwise doing great, and we really like this doctor who is following all three kiddos from now on and is happy to correspond with us in Tanzania whenever we need her advice.  

In the last week Aya has changed quite a bit.  In addition to being fussier because of the reflux and gas, she is more awake and alert, and more stretched out.  Even at the doctor's today she measured 1.5 inches longer than she did at birth - which is mostly due to her just being more stretched out rather than being having a super growth spurt.  She has given us a few longer stretches of sleep at night - like last night almost 4 hours - which is HIGHLY appreciated :)  A few nights she has been really uncomfortable with the gas though which has made sleeping tough for both of us (and Kristoffer).  I've said it before and I'll say it again - having a baby is just like having jet lag, because in both cases your body's clock is just on a totally different schedule than everybody else's!

She remains sweet and pretty and still has that dark hair :) She seems to really enjoy motion - be it in the car (although not a fan of the car seat if the car is not moving) or dancing, rocking, swaying, lightly bouncing - and listening to her big sister's voice.   She enjoys a warm bath and also being naked - gets a little antsy when the clothes come back on.  She still enjoys being swaddled tightly, although increasingly wants to be hands-free and also likes being on her tummy.

That's actually quite a lot for a three week old.  She got to meet her Auntie Tine, Uncle Kevin and cousin Zoe this weekend, along with Aunt Heidi and Uncle David.  In the coming week she will meet Bibi and Jen from NYC and Uncle Mark, Aunt Carrie, Matthew and Nathan who are coming from Ohio for her Baptism.  Busy busy social calendar for such a peanut!
Here's our girl - growing everyday - and her siblings too!

 Aya tried her first bottle of pumped milk.  She was not impressed - but drank 2 oz in a heartbeat.  Then promptly threw it up all over Nene.  Good try though!

Meeting new family!

(Zoe, Noah, Grace, Nora)

Visit to a small spring "festival"/petting zoo...which included Noah in lots of trucks, and both big sibs petting a snake!

First fishing trip at Pops' pond...

Tummy time outside on the nicest day we've seen in Plymouth.
Spending Mother's Day with Nene was nice for all of us!
Since blogging more often than weekly does not seem likely for me these days, I'll just plan to see you here next week after we send Kristoffer, Grace and Noah off to Denmark for the final leg of their vacation. Have a good week!


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