Monday, April 21, 2014

April 20, 2014 - Love, Actually

There is something to be said for Hugh Grant's bit about the international arrivals terminal at the airport in the movie "Love, Actually."  It is a beautiful place :) It was a VERY big moment for our family when we were reunited on Good Friday at the airport and could probably have been in a movie scene of our own.  Grace asked me a little later, "Why were you crying, Mama?"  She is not yet at the age where she understands that pure bliss can bring you to tears, and she may never know until someday if she becomes a parent just how amazing that moment was for me and Kristoffer.

Their travels started like this:

And ended in my arms, and all was right with the world.

We had a wonderful weekend.  There was an Easter egg hunt at my parent's church yesterday, followed by egg decorating at home.  Their jet-lag has been manageable, although has given us some early mornings.  They really enjoy being at Nene and Pops' house with Belle, their favorite feisty doggy.

This morning they woke up to an indoor hunt for their baskets and lots of Easter eggs.  It was a lot of fun!
(first 4 am jet lag wake up!  Happy Easter!)

We went to a lovely mass at my parents' beautiful new church, which Kristoffer and I enjoyed even though Grace and Noah fell asleep at the beginning. And, despite it being MUCH colder than our African blood is used to, there were even some signs of spring.
The best part of the day was spending it with family.  Meghan, Tim, Michael, Sean, Molly, Nora and Judy, Max and Patsy all came for Easter dinner.  This led to a LOT of laughs, and another Easter egg hunt.  Grace and Noah were so happy all day that Kristoffer said, "I'm just so happy for them! They never get to see their cousins!"  Thanks to my parents for a lovely day and dinner, and for all they have done for us this past 6 weeks (and for the next 6 weeks!).

Just before the end of the day, watching RIO and trying really hard to keep Grace & Noah awake past 6pm!  It worked...they last until 6:40 :)

Now our hospital bags are packed and we're ready to go.  

Appearing for the last time as a family of four...just eager for our #5 to get here tomorrow.  

Happy Easter to was a lovely, emotional holiday weekend for the Welsiens and we look forward to starting the next chapter of our family's story tomorrow morning.

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