Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 2, 2014 - Stateside Update

Hi everyone.  Here I am back at my parents' house in Massachusetts.  I left Dar almost one month ago and Kristoffer and the kids will join me here in 2 weeks in 2 days.  In some ways it has been so lovely to be here: lots of great time with my incredibly helpful and supportive parents, satisfied American food cravings (root beer? check.  Friendly's sundae for lunch? oh yeah!), nobody else to be responsible for (save for my belly's current resident), visits from and with wonderful friends.  

But it IS incredibly hard to be away from my children and husband for so long with such a big event approaching quickly. Although we do have all of the logistics planned the way we would like them to go down, the BBG keeps giving me hints to remind me that I am not totally in control here.  Her entrance into the world might solely be determined by herself, which would be the first of many "take that, Mom"s I'm sure to get throughout her life.  I have more pre-labor symptoms now than I ever had with Grace and Noah, so there is just really no way to tell.  Will she stay or will she go?!

We have had three doctor's visits since I've been home.  The first one to meet the (new-to-me) doctor scheduled to deliver the BBG on her designated birthday (4-21-14 Boston Strong!).  We got a clean bill of health then.  The second appointment with my cardiologist, who said that from his perspective we are all good to go.  The third appointment was unexpected, yesterday, when I thought that maybe she was trying to enter the world and stopped by the hospital just to check. Note: she was not.  I feel a little bit silly and like a first-time expectant mother these days because the BBG is behaving quite differently than her siblings AND because I have never had a baby in America before.  Only having delivered through scheduled c-sections before, going into labor terrifies me!  And even though she won't know if her father is here or not, I would certainly like him to be.

So I am alternating between doing some activities (the last five days) and doing absolutely nothing (today). I have spent time with friends from MA (and she just moved to NC so good thing I caught her!), NY, NJ and DC so far.  I've had some nice time with one of my sisters so far. I've been a little bit of a Boston tourist, including introducing my old Harvard stomping grounds to a friend who had never been there.  I have not made much progress on the projects I brought with me to take care of.  Bummer there - but maybe we still have a couple weeks to go.  I have done a bit of shopping, but have not gone crazy.  

So that's the status of Life in Massachusetts.  Trying to appreciate this calm before our next big life change...but it is hard not to wish away time when these two little acrobats are so far away . 

Greeting them at the airport when they arrive on Good Friday will be amazing!  Assuming I'm not already in the hospital...

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