Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014 - Counting Hours

Yesterday was an emotional day to be in Boston for the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing.  I was glad I was here, though, to watch or listen to the remembrance events in real time. There were so many beautiful words spoken and beautiful songs song and beautiful prayers prayed. It is a wonder to behold that out of such evil and tragedy, such courage and hope and love and inspiration was born in the past year.

And at the same time, we had the BBG's final doctor's appointment, which went well.  About having more contractions these days (not Braxton-Hicks but real ones!) and being very uncomfortable, my doctor had two things to say:  1) that's supposed to happen, you're in "the zone" and 2) you're supposed to be uncomfortable!  It cracked me up when he promised there would be "no shenanigans" on Monday for my c-section.  Good to know!  

But the main event is my family's arrival on Friday.  Truth be told, we've got 53 hours to go and I am counting down every single one of them!

Wishing safe travels for Kristoffer, Grace, and Noah.  Can't wait to get my arms around them!

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erica @ to the sea said...

How exciting! I still have NO signs of labor and it's driving me nuts. Safe travels for your family... I don't think my husband could handle that trip with one much less two, haha. And I hope your delivery goes smoothly, you recover quickly, and baby girl is healthy and happy as can be!