Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 - One More Week

It is hard to believe but we are down to a one week countdown until the BBG joins us in the world!  I am 38 weeks + 1 day pregnant today and tomorrow is my final check up with the doctor.  The more imminent countdown is 4 days until Kristoffer, Grace and Noah arrive in Boston.  To call it "Good" Friday will be an understatement, and to be reunited with my family after my Lenten abstention from them will make it feel much more like Christmas than Easter.

The BBG and I are feeling well.  She is pretty low down these days so I often have my hand under my belly...feeling like I need to physically keep her in there!  At the end of the day my feet hurt and I still have significant indigestion, but only one more week until those symptoms are replaced by lots of kisses and cuddles (and my last round of post c-section discomforts).

I know Kristoffer has his hands full getting ready for 6-weeks of paternity leave from the World Bank, traveling alone with the kids, closing up the house, settling up with the staff, etc.  I am sending calming, peaceful, efficient thoughts his way that he gets through everything he has to get through by Thursday afternoon when they head to the airport.  He has been incredible throughout this separation  and helping the kids cope - I know, because my friends keep emailing me to tell me how amazing he is! - but I also know he is tired.  Has anyone ever heard that having a newborn is a great remedy for exhaustion?!  Not quite!  So hopefully our postpartum adjustment will also allow for him to get some rest and I know after a great month in America he and the kids will be excited to go to Denmark for some days at the end of May.

Never a dull moment with the Welsiens :)  I'll try to post an Easter blog before we go to the hospital next Monday morning, and then you'll be hearing from us after the BBG arrives.  So, so, so excited!

Today I would also like to wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my most devoted blog reader who is a very special someone to our family.  You know who you are ;)  And we can't wait to see you very soon!


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