Friday, March 7, 2014

March 7, 2014 - Before/After...Nesting New Bedrooms

A big part of my nesting instincts this pregnancy has been redoing Grace's room to become "Grace & Noah's Room" and Noah's room to become "The Baby's Room".  Mostly I just re-purposed stuff we already had but we did buy a couple of new-to-us pieces of furniture and we had a brand new set of bunk beds made for Grace and Noah.  They have now been in their new room for one week, sleeping in the bunk beds. It's going really well - they LOVE to play in their room and they love their bunk beds.  They have decided to take turns every other night sleeping up top because they both want to do it, and that goes really well when it is Noah's turn up top, but he has a huge tantrum when it is his night to sleep on the bottom.  Hopefully with a little more time he'll get the hang of it and won't be so sad when it's Grace's turn.  

I wanted to have the transition complete before I left so that Noah won't feel like his little sister stole his bedroom (even though in reality she probably won't be sleeping in there on her own for some months after we get back).  Good thing for us he is obsessed with his big sister and any chance to be closer to her is completely welcomed. Also good thing for us Grace is pretty awesome with him and really likes having him in there with her.  So now you can see for yourself what their rooms used to look like (pretty sure I never showed you that?) and what their rooms look like now! 

(Note: apologies for poor quality pictures - we're getting a new camera in America since on our good camera only the portrait and extreme zoom lenses work!)


(The bunk bed is so big that it is hard to get one good shot of it!)


(I promise that we will put the other side onto the crib and raise the mattress before letting the baby sleep in there!)

(Photo from my shower...signed by all of the guests!)

So...bedrooms are done.  Stuff has been donated or sold or thrown away.  Pantry and closets are cleaned out and reorganized.  Blog is updated.  I am as packed as I think I'll ever be for this trip (because really in America, I can just BUY what I need when I need it!).  

Looks like it's time for the BBG and me to be on our way.  Too bad doing the rest of that stuff was MUCH easier than saying goodbye to my husband and children is going to be tomorrow night.  

I was always the girl on the last day of school crying as I said goodbye to teachers and friends for the summer.  When it was time for me to go to college I cried for sure...but not nearly as hard as I cried the day I had to leave Syracuse after graduating!  It was physically painful!  Kristoffer and I were in a long distance relationship for four years until we got married...and in that time had some pretty tearful goodbyes.  The day Kristoffer and I packed up my apartment in Brooklyn after our honeymoon to drive down to was raining horribly and I was sure that Brooklyn was crying as hard as I was to say goodbye.  The first time we left for Nairobi I also had an incredibly weepy goodbye with my family...and even all these years later I still hate saying goodbye to my family or Kristoffer's family in Denmark when its time for us to leave.  When people come visit us over here, I always say goodbye in tears.  Do you get my point?  In general, I'm pretty emotional...even when not pregnant...and goodbyes have always been hard for me. 

But none of that could prepare me for tomorrow.  It will be harder and sadder and deeper than ever before...leaving my little ones for so long, even though I know they will be perfectly fine and are in great hands with the best father a mother could ever dream of for her children.  It is the right thing to do at this time, I know, but that doesn't make it any easier.  

So wish me luck and safe travels.  And if you're in America, I hope to see or talk to you soon!  Hoping our Dar village helps take care of my people while I'm gone.  We'll be back in June as a family of five! 



Sarah said...

Aw!!!! Can't imagine being gone from the little loves for that long...I'm sorry! Ok, I'm not helping...its going to be fine!!! Kristoffer will take good care of them!! And its the utmost priority that you and the baby are safe and in good hands. Wow, you really got everything ready for them, that's awesome! Love the bedrooms, the bunk beds are so cool. And I really like all the animals/butterflies, etc on the walls, are those decals or what? Safe travels, good luck with the goodbyes, and yes, let's get together when you are here. I'll FB you back:)

Anonymous said...

I am in complete admiration. You have it all worked out so carefully. The practical side is easy, but emotionally you are strong, determined and always put your family first. Well done girl. At the time of writing, I realise that you are probably landing in America. Hope that all the little travelling angels were around you to protect you and make your journey smooth. Kristoffer has grown to an amazing Dad, partner and he will be there for the children. No worry. Now time to make the best of your remaining time before Bonus Baby says Hi! Big hug. Monique thinking of you.