Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6, 2014 - Fastelavn

This past Friday February 28th was another Fastelavn celebration at the Nordic School.  Flashback to last year here...but why didn't anybody tell me that I spelled the holiday wrong back then?!  

Anyway, our kids were not as into dressing up this year.  Noah wouldn't wear anything other than his Superman t-shirt, which he already wears every single possible day that it is clean (and some days that it is not so clean).  Grace wore her dragon t-shirt and dragon cloak...until she was too hot to keep the cloak on anymore (which was like 15 minutes after putting it on).  My theory after this year's Halloween and Fastelavn is that really these dress-up holidays were not invented in Africa or celebrated by Africans for a reason.  IT IS TOO HOT!  Great to dress up in Massachusetts or Copenhagen when it is already FREEZING outside and you can just add more layers to your outfit!  Here the most appropriate costume is a birthday suit (which I do believe a couple of little ones were essentially sporting).  

Anyway, it was a fun party for the families to get together and socialize, and for the kids to bang the "cat out of the barrel" in order to get their goodie bags.  I received a lot of well wishes from people I am not likely to see before my Saturday departure.  I had to remain seated most of the time because it was just too bloody hot.  But all in all a nice gathering and the kids were happy to celebrate - as you can see below, they basically just love banging stuff! 


She loved when it was her turn!

His was made of paper instead of wood and as the biggest kid in his class now he was pretty much responsible for breaking it down.  I think he would have liked the bigger wooden barrel better...but he'll have his chance next year.  And as you can see he was pretty happy when he got his goodie bag.


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