Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014 - Showered with Love

Two Saturdays ago, my friends surprised me (with some help from Kristoffer...who can REALLY keep a secret!) with a lovely brunch to celebrate the BBG's imminent arrival.  I was so, so surprised:  had not taken a shower that morning, had just come from Grace's swimming lesson, and was sent to run up to my friend's flat to borrow a DVD from her husband for Kristoffer.  Grace had a little bit of a sick tummy and was waiting in the car with Kristoffer and Noah...I was so focused on getting in and out quickly that I didn't notice all of the cars (belonging to all of my friends) as I was running in and was shocked to see 10 of my favorite people in Dar all in one room.  I had been super busy working full time that week that apparently I was very hard to schedule (turned down invitations for play dates and the like) and hadn't seen anyone very much so it wasn't too hard for them to keep the cat in the proverbial bag. Kristoffer did a perfect job getting me there.  

All in all, it was such a sweet time...Kristoffer took the kids home and I had some lovely girl talk with great food and a little bit of champagne (AND a coke float...special for me!).  I had previously told one friend that I didn't really want a shower because in the US it is not so common to do one after your first child...and I didn't need present or games or anything like that.  So that was how they played it, and it was so perfect for me.  I was reminded of how in this expat life, we are often so lucky to find and connect with really special, interesting people.  These women are so great and help make my life here so nice.  

Thanks again to my friends Kirsten and Mabel for planning it, and for my other friends for coming! (the only thing I would have done differently was SHOWERED ahead of time!)

Here are some pictures for you to see how it all went down.  Sweet sweet sweet...and the BBG already has a framed picture of us with her Dar "aunties" hanging in her nursery.  As the frame says, "loved already!"  That is certainly how I felt, and I know she could feel it too.

 (note that it took some minutes before I realized I was wearing sunglasses and had to get Kristoffer to deliver me my regular glasses from the car!)


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