Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014 - Friends of Friends

When we lived in Nairobi, we had a lot of visitors.  Pretty often we had people stay with us who we had never met before - friends of friends...sometimes even friends of friends of friends!  And in the end they became our friends, and we have met a lot of really cool and interesting people this way.  Since moving to Dar we haven't had so many visitors...we're just that tiny bit further away that makes the trip a little longer and more expensive...or a lot of people visited us in Kenya thinking that was their one big trip to Africa.  No problem at all.

But we did have one Danish-friend-of-a-friend visit us last fall, which was great, and just two weeks ago we had a lovely American family stay with us for a night (friends of my friend Amy + the  Goldstein fam of lower Manhattan).  It was a real treat!

The Davidson Family (found at this blog) has been traveling the world since September and won't arrive back in NYC until June I think.  Their daughters are doing on online curriculum while they have this school year outside of the classroom and in the real world.  What an amazing adventure and gift to give your kids!  A literal trip around the world! Sounds like they have had some incredible experiences so far...and we were happy to be a one-night stopover in between flights for them.  

Davidsons, you are welcome back ANY TIME...or we hope to see you again in New York City someday.  Please note that our friends...or friends of our friends...or friends of friends' friends...are always welcome at our house should you ever be in the neighborhood. Karibu!  


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