Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2, 2014 - 32 weeks down, 7 weeks (and one day) to go!

32 weeks pregnant today - and we spent our last Sunday morning at the beach before the BBG and I travel to Boston for the final countdown.  

"What's that?" you ask.  Leaving so soon?

Well, our original plan was to leave in 2 1/2 weeks, but we bumped the date up a bit this week.  I got a little bit sick with a stomach bug on Monday and was much more dehydrated than I realized.  So I ended up having regular contractions Monday night and irregular contractions Tuesday morning.  My blood pressure and hemoglobin were super low and I generally felt pretty bad,  so I was admitted to the clinic for some hours to receive IV fluids. I also got a shot to accelerate the baby's lung development...just in case she decided to make an early appearance (thank you, sweet girl, that you listened to Mama and did not come out!). Once I was re-hydrated my contractions stopped and I felt much, much better.  

It was a little bit of a surprise to us because with 2 scheduled c-sections in my past I have never actually gone into labor or had regular contractions before.  We were timing them 9 minutes apart, and did get a little nervous.

But not quite as nervous as my doctor here...who strongly suggested (almost begged) that I leave earlier than planned.  I know that she does not want the responsibility of delivering this baby under stressful circumstances...this is just not the place for it.  Next Saturday night was the soonest we could logistically finagle the then I'll be on my way.  I'll spend one or two days in Amsterdam to relax a bit in between long first time out of Schipol airport.  I have no idea if I will be too tired or freezing or confused or sad or what to experience any of the city, but we'll see!

I think Kristoffer and I are both very comfortable with the decision because I will be close to great medical care much sooner (and because the current heat is making it increasingly uncomfortable to also be a human oven)...but it also means that I will be separated from him, Grace and Noah for almost 6 weeks before they join me in America.  And THAT is really hard to picture.  I am sure there will be wonderful things about being away from them - lots of rest I hope and not having to take care of anyone else and seeing family and friends - but I am mostly dreading the goodbye and just imagining how much my kiddos will change in the 6 weeks we are apart makes me really sad. They might as well be teenagers in six weeks time!

Kristoffer will also have a long, hard 6 weeks I fear, working full time and playing both Mama and Far at home (yes, with some help from Rose and Christopher)...and weekends are ALWAYS the hardest flying solo.  This means by the time he gets to America he will be totally exhausted...just in time for the BBG to be born.  Sigh.  Perhaps it is not ideal, but it's what we need to do to get her here safely and at least we know it is temporary.  We will survive!

So stay tuned for more blogs this week with some other updates I haven't shared yet, but mostly I will be packing and prepping for "the long stay" (as my mother calls it)...and all 5 of us will be back in Dar by June 1st!  


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erica @ to the sea said...

You look so cute! Safe travels. Sorry you have to be away from your babies that long... I couldn't imagine. :( Hope it goes by quickly. Daniel will be here soon and the month we were apart went by a lot more quickly than I thought it would. I'm definitely ready of have him here, though. I need a back rub, lol!