Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1, 2014 - Dragon Birthday!

Today was Grace's Dragon Birthday Party!

It was a lot of work - it is probably true that I overdid it...but with my departure for America so soon, I just really wanted Grace to have an unforgettable birthday. I am so happy and grateful that SHE was so happy and grateful.
First, we had a dragon visit our house.  Notice he is on the left, and his nest is on the right...both hanging from our front tree. 
Here Kristoffer is telling the kids (15 in total) about the dragon, and that his nest needs to be cut down so they could see what is inside.

The kids were fascinated and first had to find "help" (a paper bag of dull plastic knives) to cut down the intricate pulley system that was keeping the nest up in the tree.  

 When they finally cut the last string the nest came down to the ground and inside it the kids found their goodie bags!
 They needed their goodie bags - which each contained a baby dragon in an egg - to search for more dragon eggs.  They raced around on their egg hunt and enjoyed eating the treats inside their eggs.

 Next Mr. Kauzeni - our favorite drum teacher - came over to have some fun.  He is not working at their school anymore so I think they were even more excited to see him because they love his songs and dances.  It was a great way to entertain these kiddos for 30 minutes.  They had so much fun.

Grace was particularly happy when it was her turn to drum! 

 And the biggest surprise of the day was how excited NOAH was for drumming!  The last time Mr. Kauzeni came over was in July, and Noah was not interested at all.  He was too shy and wouldn't play.  But today he was incredibly happy and had such a great time!

 We also had a dragon coloring station, dragon tattoos, and a dragon dungeon (like a fort/hula - not pictured) for kids to play in.

 I was most excited about the fire-breathing dragon photo shoot (which I totally stole from someone else's blog - thank you!) and some of the kids (and Kristoffer, below) had a lot of fun getting their pictures taken!

The Birthday Dragon Girl!

After Gracie opened her presents (way too chaotic to take pictures!) she had cake and ate it too!  Thanks to a local cake lady for being so awesome that she made a "Toothless" dragon cake (from Disney's "How to Train Your Dragon"), which was exactly what Grace wanted...and tasted delicious!

 The party ended with our dragon (pinata) friend, getting bashed to the ground and the kids filling up their goodie bags with one last round of treats.  We sent everyone home on a total sugar high :)  And our dragon girl was super happy about her party.  

We are pretty relieved that birthdays only come once a year, and now that Noah is 3 and Gracie is 5, we are gearing up for a new April birthday in our family.  

Dragon Girl - We hope you had a great day!
We love you!
Mama & Far


Gina Wilner said...

What a great party! This will be one Grace will remember for years to come. Nice work! When E turns 5 we may need to book your services!

Sarah said...

So awesome!! Gotta love a girl that wants a dragon party! Love the idea of the eggs and that whole pulley thing looks like it was a lot of work. Great job!!! And the drumming and music is sooo cool:) Lol at the fire photo shoot, that rocks! You went all out, but isn't it secretly kinda fun;) And they're worth it:) Happy Birthday, Grace! PS. April is going to be here before you know it. Wowza!

marlena seminario said...

how did you make the black icing?

The Welsien Family said...

Marlena - I hired someone to make it but it is made out of fondant.