Sunday, February 2, 2014

February 2, 2014 - 28 Weeks

Let's play a game where I give you the answers to the questions I was asked several time this week, and then you guess what the questions were.  Ready?  Ok!

1.  Nope...just one baby in there.
2. Nope...still 12 weeks to go! [although technically 11 weeks from tomorrow my c-section is scheduled)
3.  Nope...not leaving Dar for 6 1/2 weeks yet!

So I guess if I am good at taking a hint, I am really big and people think I'm having multiples or giving birth tomorrow.  Awesome :)  I just keep telling myself: third time around so my body has jumped to the end game a bit before we're ready.

I am feeling really well and the baby is doing great as far as we can tell. She is incredibly active, especially in the evening but also she has the hiccups quite often during the day and every now and then I can feel her do a full flip.  My only complaints are some pretty serious sciatica (I don't want to write much about it, but damn it hurts!) and indigestion if I eat anything even slightly fried.  So there you go.  I've gained about 20 lbs so far, so I am sure this pregnancy will rival or surpass the 35 lbs I gained with Noah (I think with Grace it was more in the 25-30 lb range...but who knows or cares, really).  

I am not quite ready to start counting down to my departure - still feels like there is a lot to do here on the homefront (nesting, nesting, nesting)...but I know that the middle of March will be here soon if the speed in which we flew through January is any indication.

Lately Grace and Noah have been super curious about their baby-hoods so we've been watching pictures and videos, looking through albums and baby books.  And every time I see their teeny tiny selves on film or in their baby books, my heart soars a little bit higher that we get to have one more round.  I know we'll be exhausted and all of that, but I am still more and more excited every single day to meet our baby girl (and yes, it will also be pretty sweet to get rid of the sciatica when she is here too!).



Amy @ The Tide That Left said...

Hey, I discovered your blog a few weeks ago when I moved to Dar before Christmas and then promptly lost it. Seems like you're really settled here which is reassuring. My husband and I have moved 6 times in the last 4 years so we're really hoping that this is the place we can stay put for a while (not that we get much of a say in that!) I'm pregnant too - 18 weeks - and will be heading back to the UK in April to prepare for the birth (I'm a little high risk so want to fly early) Will you be returning to the US for the birth?

The Welsien Family said...

Hi Amy, yes I am going home to boston at 34-35 weeks to have this baby. Find me on Facebook (Lisa mueller Welsien) and I am happy to answer shy questions about bring new in Dar. Also there is a fb group you should request to join called Expat Parents in Dar. I run the group and will add is very helpful! Best, Lisa

Amy @ The Tide That Left said...

Lisa, you're so kind. Thanks. I'll head over to Facebook now and seek you and the group out!

Jackie Kidola said...

Hi Lisa,
I have been following your blog for a while now and enjoy seeing what fun adventures your family is up to in Dar! My husband is from Dar and we may be travelling back in March for a few weeks. I will be 25-28 weeks pregnant at the time and was wondering if you had any helpful insight as to how to travel safely throughout the region while expecting (we will be in Nairobi also). I have traveled to both cities and others in Tanzania four times before so no problem with that just never pregnant! Any info would be greatly appreciated! I am really excited about our last big trip before the baby arrives just want to keep us all safe and healthy! Asante