Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 11, 2014 - Causes of CHDs

As I wrote about last year here, it is very difficult to identify the causes of CHDs.  

Early detection is still the most important factor in an infant "heart warrior's" survival, so it is important for pregnant mothers to ask these questions below.

However, many babies with serious CHDS present to have normal, healthy hearts in utero.  This was the case for Kyle, and there was no reason to suspect that his heart was anything other than healthy.  Unfortunately, as with many birth defects, there is no way to tell until the baby is born, and even then it can prove to be extremely difficult to diagnose.  Because there is no easily identifiable cause of CHDs, there is no perfect way to detect or cure them either.  The very best thing new parents can do is have all relevant information, ask a lot of questions of their doctors and nurses, and pay very close attention to their baby's health and behavior.  


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