Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014 - CHD Pulse-Oximetry Screening

On this day last year, I wrote here about pulse-oximetry screenings for newborns. It cannot detect ALL CHDs (for example, Kyle passed his screening), but it can detect many CHDs before babies are ever sent home from the hospital. Pulse-oximetry screenings are not always mandatory, so it is definitely something to talk to your doctors about while you are in the hospital with your newborn.

This year, please visit this website to see a brief video about how pulse-oximetry screening works and why they are so important.  

To my fellow Americans: This image can tell you if your state in America has active pulse-oximetry screening legislation or not.  Please contact your Congress-person if pulse-oximetry screening is NOT active where you live!


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