Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5, 2014 - 24 Weeks

The BBG is 24 weeks on the inside today.  I feel huge.  Not sure if it is because of the heat and my hands and feet feel swollen, or if I am actually bigger because of the whole "third baby" situation.  I know two other women here with due dates the month before is having her first and the other is having her second and they are both MUCH smaller than I am. Kristoffer thinks I look smaller than I was with Noah at 24 weeks, although I am definitely bigger than I was with Grace at 24 weeks. Well, you can form your own opinion using today's picture for comparison.

Aside from the heat and my sciatic nerve, I feel really good.  As long as I avoid fried food, my indigestion is not bad and I have fewer eating issues than I did in pregnancies past.  I have fighting some sinus pressure, but that is just Dar for you.  I have been really tired but have probably been doing too much the last three weeks and hope to get a better balance starting tomorrow (when school reopens and our staff returns to work...can you hear the angels singing?).  

On Friday we took Grace and Noah with us for an ultrasound, just to check on how the little one is doing in there.  This was them in the waiting room...giddy with excitement, as you can see.

The BBG looked really good.  She was extremely cooperative in some ways - we could easily tell that she is DEFINITELY a girl.  She was moving around well, but much to Grace's disappointment she did not wave to her big brother and big sister.  She was puckering her lips though, which was pretty sweet. She weighs 600 grams right now (more than a lb!) with the placenta in the right place and lots of fluid in there.  Her heart rate was normal, and all of her parts and pieces looked just as they should.  

There is a lot of baby excitement in this house.  Because this time of year a lot of expats depart, there are quite a few sales going on and we're pretty much stocked up on everything we need.  There are a few items on our amazon wish list for when I get to the US but all major supplies have been secured already, which is KIND OF AMAZING.  I'm talking swing, exersaucer, bumbo, bouncy seat, walker, bassinet, etc.  We're totally loaded!

With the baby coming and the confirmed extension of Kristoffer's contract, I'm going a little nuts in the nesting department.  We got new higher-speed Internet, we've ordered bunk beds** so that Grace and Noah can share a room and give the BBG her own space eventually, and we're reupholstering our filthy white sofa.  I'm organizing and purging and having a great time.  I have WAY more mental energy for all of these activities than I do physical energy in the heat...but I feel confident that it will all get done before I head to Boston mid-March.

So all is well on the Bonus Baby front, and I feel like with each day we are getting more ready and excited to meet her.


**Everyday for the last many days, when Noah wakes up he asks me a version of these two questions:  1) why aren't we going to the doctor to take out the baby today? and 2) why are the bunk beds taking a long time?   It is great news that at this stage is so excited about two big upcoming transitions in his life!


erica @ to the sea said...

I think you look great! :)

Gina Wilner said...

You look great, Lis! I honestly don't even notice a lot of swelling either in this pic. Enjoy the bump! I love it!