Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 25, 2014 - Noah's 3rd Birthday Party!

For Noah's first two birthdays we were visiting my family in America, so he had small family birthdays.  They were wonderful and lovely, and totally appropriate for a 1- and 2-year-old.  But our 3-year-old was definitely ready to expand his birthday partying style, and so this year he had a party with his four friends from school and his big sister.  

The first and only glitch was that the drumming teacher, who was going to come to do drumming with the kids for 30 minutes, cancelled 2 days ago and I was not able to find a replacement (and Noah did ask for him twice today!).  So we sort of had a little more "free time" than anticipated.  But otherwise it was really fun: bouncy castle, bajaji rides, treasure hunt, great cake!  All of this made for a happy birthday boy.  
Fun Presents!

Bouncy Castle with Friends!

Bajaji Rides!
So the story behind this is that Noah would love to ride in a bajaji all the time, but we never let our kids do it because it is so unsafe (and we have a good friend who was in a bad accident).  So for 30 minutes we hired a bajaji to drive around our compound with the kids...and as you can see below Noah loved it, which was totally the point!

 (check out this smile!)
 Kristoffer and 6 kids in the Bajaji at the same time!

 My first ever "selfie" with Noah and his friend Anker :)

 Treasure Hunt!
Kristoffer had the kids going all over the compound and the house finding shovels and buckets (and some candy) along the way until they came to the spot where the treasure (their goodie bags) was buried.  The hard part was that Noah's treasure was buried the deepest and was found last - but he was a great sport.  And the goodie bags - which were sand buckets filled with a few beach items - were a big hit (although the kids thought they were missing the actual "goodies" - candy!  My bad!).

Grasshopper Cake!
Noah really wanted a grasshopper cake for some reason. And I found a great expat baker who was able to make this from an internet picture.  It not only looked insanely cute, but tasted REALLY good.  Moist and delicious chocolate cake - everyone loved it! And after dinner tonight we polished it off :)

So happy for our happy 3-year-old boy!
(and now we have a month to gear up for Grace's birthday! Then I can fly over to Boston for the final countdown to the BBG's arrival.  Yikes!)


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