Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014 - Three Cheers for Noah!

Our little buddy is three years old today!  THREE!  Here is a look at his day.
(We have a serious camera problem these days - relying primarily on the iPhone, a problem that we better solve before the BBG arrives - sorry to you and mostly sorry to Noah for the poor quality photos.)

The three year old woke up to a full family birthday party!

Gifts galore!
His favorite upon opening might have been his fireman costume.  The scooter, big boy Legos, and his new baby doll were also very popular.  Later in the day he literally played with everything!

 (below, eating the chocolate that Grace bought him to go with the helicopter she also bought him with her own money from her own piggy bank...the whole thing was pretty darn cute, if you ask me...)
Pancakes by candle light with SPRINKLES on them!
(Note that Noah loves sprinkles!  He would eat them on any food if we let him.  Today he got a LOT of sprinkles!)

(Bad picture below because of K's big elbow, but I just loved how happy he was to get his baby doll!)

Far stayed home late in the morning so we could all go to school together and Noah could help raise the Danish flag in honor of his birthday.  You know Danes...they LOVE their flag!

This is my favorite video of the day:
 Grace (who had a pretty hard time NOT being the birthday kid) made a big presentation to everyone so they would know that it was her brother's birthday.
 And my favorite moment of the day was when Noah ran over to say goodbye to his Far, and then the two of them just cuddled and spent some minutes looking up at the flag he had just raised.  For the rest of my life, when I think of Noah turning three, these are the three picture I will see in my head. 

 I came back a bit later to bring ice cream for his class to eat after lunch.  
He always gets a little weirded out when I am in school during the day, but he was pretty happy about the ice cream.

Noah's flag flew all day...
 Back at home for the afternoon there was a lot of playing with new toys, and a few minutes of watching his new movie, Finding Nemo (while Grace has had the attention span for a full movie since birth practically...Noah still doesn't quite have the patience for a full-length film!).
 He requested chapati and "balls" (read: peas) for dinner, so that's what he got!
 And at 7 am this morning before school he requested Superman cupcakes for the evening.  
Supplies are limited and costly in Dar, and my baking talents are even more limited...but while they might actually be the ugliest cupcakes ever presented to a 3-yr-old on his birthday, Noah was still happy about them (and they did taste good.)!
 Noah closed out the night by building his new "big boy" Legos with Far and Gracie before bed.  He has a great eye for detail and a big attention span for projects like these.  At school they are always talking about his great attention and fine motor skills - so this was the perfect project for him (even if Grace didn't enjoy letting him do his own thing not exactly according to the directions).

Stay tuned for more in a few days...his small birthday party with his four friends will be on Saturday, with a better looking cake I assure you.  

So what can I say about this boy?  Three years later I am still sappy and emotional and totally in love with him.  He is a happy, great kid (also quite stubborn and tenacious when he wants to be!) who makes me smile and laugh, asks a lot of really interesting questions and still whispers sweet nothings in my ear (like today:  I don't want my Mama to ever get eaten by a shark like Nemo's Mama).  He never fails to charm my socks off, and I am so grateful he's ours.  I can't wait to see a whole new side of him in the coming year as he becomes a big brother!

Happy Birthday, Noah!  We love you very much!

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