Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15, 2014 - Crowded...again...

Living in Africa brings an expectation of being sick sometimes.  Dealing with all the bacteria and germs and God knows whatever else is not the most pleasant part of living here.  You might recall from way back in the final month of my pregnancy with sweet Simba (Grace!) that I got sick with a parasite called giardia (flashback to here if you want the gory details).  I got sick with the same parasite this past June, and it appears that giardia has hit me once again.  For the last 3 nights I was in truly great discomfort with the symptoms of giardia - which are distinctly different than symptoms of other bugs, in my experience. I will spare you the deets on that. But on Monday my doctor gave me medication to treat my symptoms, advising me to wait to actually treat the parasite for another day or two.  It is pretty difficult to diagnose with lab work and in my case the parasite wasn't showing up (which doesn't mean that I don't have it, at all), so she just wanted me to wait and see if I improved before taking the medication for it.  It is safe to take it after 3 months of pregnancy, but of course in general you don't want to take anything you don't have to take when you're preggo.  So I waited and seemed to get better because I had largely stopped eating.  But with feeling better came bigger meals yesterday, which led to tremendous suffering last night.

Finally at almost 11 pm Kristoffer found an open pharmacy to fill the prescription.  The symptoms are so clear that I have no doubt it's giardia...and it could take another week for it to show up at the lab.  YUCK! So the meds work really quickly - you take a lot of pills all at once for two days and that's it.  I am already feeling soooooo much better and really hope this is my last bout with giardia (although let's be real...).

By tomorrow the BBG should have a bit more square footage back on the inside that she doesn't have to share with anyone (anything?) else.


erica @ to the sea said...

Oh no!!! I was terribly sick back in October with all sorts of stomach flu symptoms but all of my bloodwork came back normal and we never figured out what was really wrong with me. It's definitely not fun while pregnant, especially with other kiddos to watch. Glad you're starting to feel better!

Anonymous said...

Eggy burps - blech! I hope you feel better soon.... :)