Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2013 - The Big K

In August, Grace will start Kindergarten.  This blows my mind.  The pretty formal (and expensive) kindergarten application I submitted to the International School of Tanganyika one week ago also blew my mind.  And then when I got there and actually walked around the campus to see the pool, the gym, the classroom buildings...well, I was done for.  Admissions permitting, she will be in a school with an actual campus that looks more like a mini-university than any kindergarten I've seen at home.  It seems so surreal.  Our girl, who is more or less a big fish in the Nordic School pond she attends now, will be a very small fish in what might as well be an ocean!  

The kindergarten has a good reputation, and is a more American-system of education; she will also be with or near many other children she knows from pre-school in a very diverse environment.  Our drop-offs and pick-ups will now be at two different schools in different parts of town (newborn in tow, I suspect...but then again, we have Rose!) so logistically life will be more complicated.  But she is sooooo ready for it.  She talks about going to the "Little IST" (since Mama works at the "Big IST" - secondary campus) pretty often, even though I don't think she has ANY idea what it will be like.  I think we'll take her for a visit soon actually.

Even though we're not "in" yet (fingers crossed!  It is competitive, but my employment at the school and our diplomatic status should have us at the top of the list...) I have to start processing/writing about it now because I think when the time comes it will be a hugely emotional transition for all of us (or maybe just me?) and I have to get ready for it!


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