Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12, 2013 - On Parenting

Parenting comes with very high hopes, goals and expectations.  Like most other parents, we strive to do all the right things for our kids: provide for all of their basic needs, feed them healthy, give them a good and predictable routine, play with them, teach them everything we know (and think we know), love them crazy and unconditionally but set boundaries and limits and provide discipline that does not include screaming at them, give them new and interesting opportunities, know, the works!  

And there is a lot of pressure to be the "perfect" parent in our society right now; just this week alone I read quite a few articles or blogs about "mompetition" or "the mommy wars" and how much stress these societal dynamics cause. It can be really overwhelming, so I just try to remind myself that most days we are doing well and the kids are doing well and we're all trying our best, and hopefully we have more wins than losses on the "good parenting" front. 

But some days (yesterday, specifically), we can't stop yelling at them!  Absolutely everything they do drives us crazy and we literally can't stop yelling.  And we feel tired and frustrated and exasperated, even though they are pretty awesome.  And then we feel really guilty about all of that yelling and end up letting them eat popcorn in front of the TV for dinner while watching a Disney movie and totally skipping their bath and blowing off their usual bedtime routine.  And every now and then that has to be OK too.  They're still well and we'll just try again tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

You think the Mommy Wars are bad? Check out the Daddy Wars - brutal!!!!