Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 25, 2013 - Christmas Day / Big News Part 2

And then it was Christmas morning!  The children were VERY curious to see if Santa paid us a visit.  
So downstairs we went at 6:10 am...
...and this is what they found...

They were very cute sitting and opening up their presents from Santa.  They each got a "surf" (boogie) board, some new Legos, a new dinosaur and then Noah got new goggles and Gracie got a new water bottle (their cool new castle from Nene and Pops, featured in the background below).
They also loved opening up their stockings full of interesting stuff (new underwear, toothbrushes, band aids, combs...did Santa have a theme?).  But then came time for the BIG reveal...and Grace proudly did the honors of reading us the news!

A BBG (Bonus Baby Girl!) for Christmas!  How wonderful!

By 8:00 am we needed something to do so we headed off to the pool with some of our new gear.  Grace got to show her Far that she can swim without wings now (it's been one week of her new skill and she is still so proud and excited!) and we enjoyed a not-too-hot morning in Dar.  At home again we played with new toys and watched some new shows.  We were just gearing up for our brunch at Dar's Hyatt Regency (The Kilimanjaro) Hotel.  It was a bit of a stretch with two tired kids and a big jump in super hot temperature outside - but WOW the food was good.  And the BBG enjoyed a wee bit of champagne as well.

Good thing we brought the iPad though! It was needed in the end, and allowed Kristoffer and I to really enjoy our meal before heading home. 
  The rest of our Christmas day was spent playing and playing and playing, and talking to most of our distant loved ones on Skype or Facetime to share the good news of the BBG and wish them a Merry Christmas. Our two tired kiddos were sound asleep by 6:30 THAT'S what I call a Christmas present!   

Our family has really enjoyed and appreciated this holiday together, and we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!
With love from Dar,
Lisa, Kristoffer, Grace, Noah and the BBG
(and Tanzanian Santa too)

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