Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 24, 2013 - Christmas Eve / Juleaften / Big News Part 1

Our Christmas Eve/Juleaften was AWESOME.  We started by having breakfast with Grace and Noah's good friends Freya and Helena (and their parents, our good friends Mabel and Soren).  We all ate together really delicious food and the kids played and the parents talked and laughed and we had a great time.  They exchanged their first gifts of the holiday and it was a really great morning for all of us. Wish I had a picture of the grown ups!

We went home for mandatory naps - ALL FOUR OF US - and that was pretty awesome too.  When we woke up Kristoffer started to make traditional Danish rice porridge for dinner and I baked chocolate chip cookies for Santa Claus (and, you know, the rest of us).  Grace and Noah also delivered Christmas doggy bones to our security dogs before dinner.  

After dinner we finished watching the Nissebanden Julecalendar before it was time to light the Christmas tree, sings songs and dance around the tree, and open gifts (all but the ones from Santa Claus).  After all these years as a couple - more than 10! - I can still say, that one of my favorite "new" things that Kristoffer brought into my life is the beauty of a candle-lit Christmas tree. It never gets fails to just take my breath away - even a tiny, fake Christmas tree like ours.  

Grace and Noah opened many wonderful gifts (of which there are almost no decent pictures) including a wooden castle that they were instantly playing with, new dragons, puzzles, two new DVDs, and great new reading material.

But Noah's favorite, favorite, favorite gift was/is his REAL tools from Farmor and Hans.  Last night he even slept with the (real - honestly, not plastic) screwdriver!
And one of Grace's favorite gifts was her Lego "Friends" car, also from Farmor and Hans, that she put together with Far last night. He was very impressed with her skills at following the directions!
I think it was one of their latest nights ever - Grace and Noah didn't leave out Santa's cookies and milk until almost 9 pm...

and fell asleep even later than that because they were so wound up and silly (in their new Christmas/beach pajamas)!

 Kristoffer and I got new iPhones for Christmas this year so we didn't have a lot going on in the gift-giving department.  But he did give me something that I can FINALLY share here.  His contract has officially been extended past February, which is when it was due to end.  We have been waiting and waiting and waiting and HOPING AND PRAYING that we wouldn't have to move in February (jobless, homeless, no health insurance...) because that would be really bad timing with a baby on the way.  We found out two weeks ago that his extension and transfer to a new sector within the Bank was approved, but he did not get the official letter until this week and then apparently saved it for me to open for Christmas.  He is now a Water and Sanitation Specialist with the World Bank and we can stay in Tanzania for a possible three more years.  Job Security as our family expands = MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The first part of our Christmas 2013 was so lovely!  I am so grateful for a day of great friends and really wonderful memories for our little family.  Couldn't be more blessed!

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