Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 14, 2013 - Christmas "Lordag Slik"

Kristoffer grew up with the tradition of having "Lordag Slik" (Saturday candy) as a kid. This meant that he didn't get sweets or anything during the week, but would also get candy or some kind of treat on Saturday.  It is something we try to do with our kids too, which not only limits them asking for cookies and ice cream or candy during the week, but gives them something special to do on Saturdays when we go to the store and they can pick something they want.  We do make exceptions now and then, but we try to stick to it.

And today we had a very special kind of Lordag Slik because we made "gingerbread" houses! I think my mom started this tradition when my oldest nephews were very small, and she still does it every year with whichever grand kids she can get her hands on. Making these houses involves using graham crackers, frosting and tons of candy.  Totally awesome! Last year Grace loved doing it with her cousins at my parents' house and she has requested doing them before Christmas several times since then. 

So when I went to the US I stocked up on supplies which Grace and Noah have been watching and waiting for these last several weeks.  And we decided that today was the it was sort of like Lordag Slik on speed :)

What I liked best about the process was that our family sat at the table having fun together for more than an hour, listening to Christmas music, getting a huge sugar high and being super silly.  It was awesome. There were definitely challenges though...such as the melting frosting making it pretty difficult to STICK anything and the somehow stale graham crackers being pretty soft and breakable. But hey, we are surrounded by development challenges on a daily basis here so perhaps it was just fitting that our houses felt a bit "East African" anyway.  It was messy and fun for all of us.  Grace wanted our team to copy a lot of what Far and Noah were doing so they were more the idea team, but ours turned our a little bit neater and more organized (if I do say so myself).  Noah was very serious about unwrapping all of the different candies, and eating them!  Grace was hoarding her unused stash for later and was concerned with decorating the whole "compound" with  an external (candy) wall, just like all of the compounds here.

Such a fun family tradition that we all enjoyed, and we briefly Facetimed with my mom so she could chime in, which made her feel close even though we are so far. Happy Holidays!