Friday, December 13, 2013

December 13, 2013 - Mixed Day

Grace woke up yesterday morning with a cough and stayed home from school, but otherwise didn't seem too sick.  She slept through 8 hours of the night with no problem, but at 4 am suddenly had a fever and a hard time breathing.  The doctor told us at 8 am that she has advanced bronchitis which is almost pneumonia and to carefully watch her breathing.  He started her on antibiotics and a ventolin inhaler.  Not great, but at least we got in early to see the doctor. 

There was a show at their school today; Scandinavian countries celebrate Santa Lucia (St. Lucy) every December 13th in costume and song, and our kids missed it last year when we were in Denmark so were particularly excited about today.  Today was also the last day of school in 2013.  The school said Grace could come just for the show and the medicine brought her fever down temporarily so that she could participate. 

See some pictures and video clips below.  In general, it was very cute (minus the mom I almost got into a fight with because she was standing up in front to film her kids so that nobody else could see their kids!) and, thankfully, very short (less than 10 minutes of actual singing!) so Grace did great.  And when you could see Noah he looked adorable too (no stage fright as long as he was with Gracie - and at one point you can see him kiss her shoulder), but other kids kept blocking him so he was hard to see (you gotta get a little taller, Buddy!).  

I cut down the 7 1/2 minutes of video to three 30 second clips.  They are not great quality but I was on the floor and am not very tall anyway.  Also, kids were hard to see and I couldn't zoom.  Sorry, but hope you can find Grace & Noah!  First two songs are in Swedish (I think) and the third song below is in Danish (but it was really long, so I didn't share the whole thing).

Unfortunately, not too long after the show her symptoms got a lot worse.  I think she overdid it, and I feel awful about that.  We ended up back at the doctor's office for a nebulization treatment when her lips turned blue and she really couldn't breath properly.  Her oxygen level was down to 89.  So she is better since the nebulization but we will be back for a few more treatments tonight and tomorrow.  And by the then the other medications should be working on the infection.

Whoever heard of a little kid getting pneumonia in the middle of the super hot season?!?!  Or maybe it has to do with the rain and humidity?  Whatever it is - BAH HUMBUG!

So the kids were cute, but this Mama has been running around all day and is exhausted.  Just praying this is not an omen of how the next three weeks with no school (and no nanny) will be spent!  And today's silver lining is that my two very good friends brought me special deliveries today:  one of them arrived with flowers and one of them brought me coke and chocolate.  What more does a girl need when she's having a bad day?  Thanks ladies, I am so grateful for you!


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