Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 2, 2013 - Makeshift Halloween

For Halloween this year we planned a very small trick-or-treat party with five other families - all of whom are also half-Nordic and half-something-else and were either missing Halloween or were just interested in trying it out.  Halloween is not very Nordic, so at the kids' school they don't do much for it.  Last year they tried the same kind of small trick-or-treat party, but I guess nobody wanted to plan it again because we were left to our own devices.  For security reasons we can't go door-to-door, and because we are not part of the "official" American [Embassy] community here we were not invited to any serious Halloween parties.  Again, left to our own devices.  This is what we came up with.

We carved a watermelon:

And rented the school grounds and got dressed up with some friends:

Can you guess who the two little ghosts are?!
(BTW - that's about as DIY as I get in the costume department)

We let the kids jump on the bouncy castle and eat some yummy snacks like these (note that I took no pictures and stole all of these from different websites, but in theory ours looked similar):

When it was getting close to being dark the 10 kids could go around to 10 different doors at their school ("staffed" by participating parents) to say "trick or treat" and load up on whatever local goodies were offered.

Clearly we did not take a lot of pictures, but it was a fun little gathering that gave my kids just the taste of Halloween they were looking for.  Before going to bed, though, Grace did ask me: "Some time can we do the other kind of Halloween where you dress up and walk to different people's houses at night to say Trick-or-Treat?"  

I hope one year she gets her wish, although for Dar I don't think we did too bad!

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erica @ to the sea said...

I LOVE how you carved a watermelon!!! Wish I would have thought of that!