Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 16, 2013 - Jet Lag!

Hi there.  I made it to America safe and sound - had a really smooth and easy trip here.  Slept for quite a few hours but have a bit of jet lag now as I woke up at 3 am (11 am in Dar) pretty ready to go for the day :)

My trip was actually interesting.  The most stressful part was right at the beginning when Kenya Airways wouldn't let me travel without a letter of permission from my doctor. Since I'm only in my 18th week I would never have asked for that letter, but my doctor suggested I bring one just in case.  So I had it!  But only because of her - so thank you Dr. Belia!

Again, that was about as eventful as it got.  I had a 1 hr flight on a brand new little airplane to Nairobi.  Because of the fire a few months ago we had to walk for 3 or 4 minutes outside to get inside the terminal; that was kind of weird for me because we left Nairobi 2 years ago (almost exactly) and it still SMELLED the same.  It was also very cool - so different than Dar!  The airport has been improved since we left, which is great because wow that airport has really been awful in the past.  The made some of the hallways wider, better lightning, better/more air circulation, and a lot more seating.  So my 3 hour layover wasn't so bad - and even though I wasn't super hungry I had a full meal at Java House, just because I could!

Next was my 8 hr 30 min flight to London.  It was not a full plane so I ended up in a two-seat-row all by myself which means I could sort of lay down and sleep on and off.  I was really worried about getting dehydrated so I was drinking a ton, and then waking up pretty often to walk around and go to the bathroom.  But the long flight went by super quickly.  Only downside?  Worst airline food ever!  Work on that, Kenya Airways!

Finally I had almost 4 hours in Heathrow before my 7 hr 20 minute flight to Boston.  I ate a good meal, walked some laps up and down Terminal 4 (first time there, very nice), had 45 free minutes of Internet and texted with Kristoffer at work.  It was another pretty empty flight so I had 3 seats by myself this time and slept on and off again, watching some TV shows and eating VERY good airline food (honestly, it was!).  

Boston welcomed me gladly - beautiful 60 degree weather and I got through border protection/baggage/customs in 15 minutes to my waiting parents.  I had only been home for an hour when we had already stopped at an Apple Store to replace our dying laptop battery.  Productive!  Had a nap after lunch and a nice with visit with Meghan, Sean, Molly and Nora for dinner.

The next biggest highlight is that when I woke up 45 minutes ago I (think I) felt Bonus Baby move for the first time (at 17 weeks 3 days - with both Grace and Noah it was between 19 and 20 weeks).  It was that fluttery feeling of early movements, but I am excited to know that the season of baby kicking has begun.  We always talk about how Noah was such an enormous kicker, especially at night and even to this day!, and Grace was a bit more I'm curious to see which path BB follows!

All in all - a great trip home so far, and word from Dar is that everyone is doing great without me.  I miss my people though, but it's really nice to be here.  Cheers to a busy and great week ahead!


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