Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013 - Bedtime Stories

On Thursday evening I will begin a 25 hr journey to Boston all by myself and I won't get back to Dar until late on November 24th - 10 days later.  The only other time I've left my family was when Kyle was sick and passed away last October.  Obviously, this occasion is more celebratory but since I haven't spent too many nights away from my family before it still feels weird.  Let's just say that we are practicing for our probably-4-or-5-week-long separation in March/April before Bonus Baby arrives. 

My week will be really busy with friends, family, eating, shopping and doctors.  I will also have to figure out how to pack everything I've already bought on amazon.  Christmas presents...birthday stocks...hmmm...

So I am looking forward to a really full and busy week, and am definitely excited for a break from the day-to-day of life in Dar.  I always feel a bit refreshed after a break from Africa...especially as every day it gets hotter and hotter right now.  We have officially arrived in the season of "the water in the outdoor water tank is HOT, and the water in the indoor hot-water-tank is COLD.  

Anyway, I am not packing much to bring with me there (see above) so that won't take much time before Thursday.  Planning out what Rose and Kristoffer have to do that they normally don't have to do will take a little time.  But, really, what did I do tonight to get ready for my trip?  I spent 40 minutes reading bedtime stories to Grace and Noah on the iPad.  Took awhile (wow, Jan and Stan Berenstain were verbose!) but I hope it will ease the bedtime routine for Kristoffer a bit if he can leave one kid to read with Mama while putting the other one down.  And maybe...just in case they miss will remind them that I'm still "here" with them, and will be back soon.

I will DEFINITELY miss them...but I'm also really looking forward to some time on my own with many of the other people I love in this world.  And I know it will feel really good to come back in 10 days time.  The kids are usually much better behaved when I am not around anyway (I am told!) so I hope that Rose, Christopher the cook, and Kristoffer the Far have a good week with Grace and Noah...and I think when I get back from Boston I will be ready to resume bedtime stories in person.


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