Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24, 2013 - Silver Linings

Sorry for still being quiet on the blog, despite our "secret" being out now.  No matter what I do, I can't seem to get past my current state of permanent exhaustion so blogging is not something I seem to get around to.  Of course it hasn't helped that Kristoffer has been away since Monday and Noah has not been sleeping through night (at close-to-3-years-old?!?!  Come on, buddy! Help a Mama out!).  And I am not really complaining about Kristoffer traveling because he so rarely does it and I know how much he enjoys that part of his work.  I guess it's just something about having two kids, being pregnant, and living in a place that gets hotter by the minute (Pregnant in Dar?!?!  What was I thinking?!?!).  

I'm also really busy at the kids' school.  The Board, of which I am a member, is preparing for our AGM and it is time consuming. Good and interesting and meaningful volunteer work - yes.  But also not helping in the exhaustion department.  I'm also having a hard time eating.  I can eat - yes.  But I never feel really satisfied, nothing quite tastes right, I sort of have to force myself to do it despite being hungry (and thankfully, I am not sick or nauseous) and I haven't gained any weight yet despite my burgeoning belly, which I hope is still normal in the 15th week.    

So all of those complaints aside - and yes I do realize that in the grand scheme of my life and the world today I really have nothing to complain about! - let's try to focus for a few minutes on what makes me smile these days.

*Noah spent about 4-5 minutes tonight talking to my belly, specifically saying/yelling: "Baby, come out!  Come out now!  Baby?  Are you coming?  Come out now!  Come out!"  It really made my life, and also I felt a little bad for the guy that he still has to wait 25 more weeks (give or take a week) to mee the baby.

*We've decided as a family that everybody has a job when the baby is born.  Work assignments are as follows:
  • Noah - is on binky duty
  • Grace - is changing diapers
  • Lisa - will give the baby milk (and also has to take the night shift - ugh)
  • Kristoffer - will give the baby a bath
  • Rose - will put the baby to sleep (when we get back to Dar)
  • Nene - will sing to and rock the baby in the rocking chair (when we are still in the US)
  • Pops - will let the baby sleep on his tummy and will probably sleep with the baby at that time (also when we are still in the US)

Can you think of anything we've forgotten?!  

*Grace and Noah spent approximately 3 hours today going through their big, personal bins of baby/toddler keepsakes (clothes, toys, towels, shoes, gifts, etc.) and deciding, undeciding and then redeciding which things we should share with our new baby and which things we should keep for ourselves.  It was insanely sweet, and again, made me so happy for THEM (nevermind me and Kristoffer) that we are having a baby.  I feel like it is this huge gift we are giving them.  And I hope they see it that way in about 8 months when our two-month-old isn't sleeping through the night and Mama is (similar to these days!) a zombie.

*I found this awesome blog when someone else posted it on Facebook.  And it is so spot on in SO many ways that I've re-read it twice.  And I've bought her book for $4.99 on Kindle...which I look forward to reading whenever I get back to having time to read for pleasure (instead of nap for survival).

*While I have been the world's most defunct sports fan this past year, I am super happy that the Red Sox are once again in the World Series and even won Game 1.  There are lots of funny things online about Boston's current state of sports domination across sports, but especially after the Boston Marathon terrorist attack this year I feel really happy for the people at home to have something keeping everyone close and happy. 

Bottom line:  there's always a silver lining.  And to prove that point exactly, Kristoffer was supposed to come home on Saturday evening but just texted me that he will now be coming home tomorrow!  Even in time for dinner!  Amen and Hallelujah!

Things are already looking up.

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