Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013 - Family News

I had a friend tell me recently that I always "get quiet" on the blog when I'm pregnant.  That's what makes her suspect it.  So I suppose it might be no surprise to you, reading this now, after I have been a bit on the quiet side...that yes, we are expecting another baby in our family.

Meet "Bonus Baby" (BB), due April 22nd but likely to arrive a week or so before that in Boston, where we will go this time for my third and final c-section.  No more African babies for us.  BB is 13 weeks old on the inside today.  I feel like some kind of champion to be through the first trimester for the third time. 

While "to have or not to have" another baby discussions (negotations?) were underway in our house, the decision had not actually been made.  Or at least not to our knowledge.  So the news did come as a small surprise just after my birthday, and it has been a busy and emotional couple of months since then.  

My 12-week ultrasound was wonderful, with no signs of anything to worry about and a very active baby doing flips the whole time.  (Third time around and I am still absolutely amazed that something the size of a lemon can be doing flips!)  Kristoffer was especially relieved to see - proof with his own eyes! - that there is only one baby in there. 

My pregnancy has not been difficult so far (especially compared to the roller coaster of Noah's pregnancy...knock on wood...) and my biggest symptom is exhaustion.  ALL. THE. TIME.  Even if I have just slept 8 hours.  I was a little bit sick when we were in Denmark, but I chalk that up to the antibiotics I was on for a sinus infection rather than pregnancy specifically.  My skin was HORRIBLE (worse than a teenager!) for about six weeks but that is getting better now.  My eating issues are similar to pregnancies of the past: I feel hungry, but nothing sounds or smells or tastes that good to me.  My sense of smell is DEFINITELY heightened.  My normally emotional nature is at an all time high (maybe you're glad you live so far away now?).

The most exciting part for us right now is that we told Grace and Noah on Saturday.  We showed them the ultrasound pictures along with their own so we could talk about the baby being inside my belly.  They were really happy - and have been crazy, crazy cute since then.  On Sunday morning they spent about an hour hunting down baby toys in our house and packing them all in one bag to take to the hospital (in 6 months).  They are kissing and talking to my belly, and planning what we need to buy for the baby.  So far the most urgent requests are: new car seat and a binky.  Better get on it!

So if we had reservations about having a third, I think they are now overshadowed by the joy this baby will bring to his/her big sister and first-time big brother.  When BB is born they will be 5 and 3 years old, and we expect it will be a totally different ballgame than when Grace, not yet 2 years old, became a big sister for the first time (and would sometimes bang her head against the wall when I nursed).  It will be a new adventure for us having to travel and arrange logistics in a new way, but I think we're ready for it.  And if I didn't mention yet that we are happy, let me say it now:  we are very happy about Bonus Baby's upcoming arrival and it is feeling more real everyday. 

Thank you for hanging in there with us for another baby story!


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erica @ to the sea said...

Yeah congrats!!! My baby is just a few days younger, then. :)