Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013

"Never been lonely, never been lied to, never had to scuffle in fear, nothing denied to. Born at the instant, the church bells chime, the whole world whispering, born at the right time." - Paul Simon

Today we remember the joyous day that my nephew, Kyle Michael, was born, which I blogged about here a year ago.  

My grief over Kyle's death comes in very strong waves, frequently.  It is not something that I am "over" or ever expect to be.  It is a part of who I am. And in 27 days when it is the anniversary of his death, I know that I will feel that grief just as strongly as I did the moment I watched him pass away.  Of that, I have no doubt.  But I also know this:  today, September 10th, will not be a day of grief for me. I will try my hardest now and every year on this day to feel grateful.  

Grateful that Kyle was born. Grateful that his mother and father and grandparents and several other family and friends were able to hold him or see his sweet face. Grateful that his big sister had him at home with her for a short time. Grateful that I was able to meet him, if only just. Grateful that he was welcomed into this world with all of the love and hope and promise that every sweet baby deserves, and that when he left this world he was surrounded by that same love and grace.

I might feel grief every other day, but today is his birthday, and regardless of how short it was, Kyle’s life was a gift to be celebrated and will not be forgotten.


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Holly said...

Very sweet Lisa. Been thinking about Kyle too.....