Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4, 2013 - Scenes from a Summer

Somehow the weeks have passed and there is only one left before school starts for the kids on August 13th (Happy Birthday to me!).  I was really afraid they would be bored, but that hasn't been too much of a problem.  Various playdates and lots of pretend play at home have filled our days, and last week the kids were both a bit sick with different infections so we mostly layed low.  We said goodbye to some friends who went on holiday and are slowly (and thankfully!) coming to Dar, but we also said goodbye to some other friends who have moved on to live in other parts of the world.  Such is this life.

I did accomplish some of the things I wanted:  potty training Noah, starting to teach Grace how to read, and playing the piano.  But Kristoffer has worked A LOT these last many weeks and has not been able to go out on our sailboat yet.  Hopefully we will rectify that situation soon.

Our kids are really fun to play with these days, and seem to be enjoy their lives here. It is great that they have had a lot of quality time with some friends and each other this summer, but we are all looking forward to the routine of going back to school!  Here are a few shots of how these "summer" days (it has been so chilly lately - 70 degrees F!) have flown by.  

YOGA and playing at Ella and Lucy's house

SWIMMING and playing at Freya's house

DRUMMING, reading and playing at our house

I guess we're lucky that they aren't sick of each other yet!


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