Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013 - Four-AND-A-HALF

Grace has been dying to say that she is four-and-a-half pretty much since the day she turned four.  I wish I could convince her to just enjoy being the age she is and not rush to get any older!  But today is the day.  

Her quirky personality is continuing to emerge.  She is a thoughtful girl - wanting to do the right thing and please her parents and teachers, kind and loving and playful towards her brother, funny and interesting to talk to and play with.  Most of the time.  Her "other" side is a little bit manipulative so that she gets her way and a little bit jealous of others and also aggressive on occasion.  But we're all a work in progress, aren't we?  

She is learning to read - very slowly - but enjoys it and the praise she gets with every small step.  She is very happy to be back in school every day until 2 pm and will start her dance class again tomorrow.  We're trying to convince her to start swiming lessons again but for some reason she wants a break from that, and we're not pushing it.  She loves to be at the beach though and has a lot of fun there, especially with her best friend Mattias.  Our small concern with Grace is that she seems to be shutting out other friends and classmates and has tunnel vision for Mattias only.  She doesn't want to play with or talk to anyone else!  We're hoping it is only a reaction to most of her girlfriends leaving the school or moving away, and the teachers assure us that with some more time her friendship with him will be less intense.  But they do play great together and have so much, so we are of course happy about their friendship (and our friendship with his parents, actually).  We just hope she doesn't burn other bridges, so to speak.

When recently talking about what Grace could be when she grows up, I mentioned a paleontologist because she loves dinosaurs so much.  But then she decided, "Or I could be a dragontologist who is a person who knows everything about dragons."  So she has a career aspiration already - we'll just have to start looking into good dragontology programs.  

Grace stresses me out sometimes, I admit, because she seems to know EXACTLY which buttons to push at the exact "right" moments...and I just can't figure out how she does it.  Am I THAT transparent?!  But most of time I find her to be just lovely and awesome and incredibly cool.  And even though I would rather she didn't age so quickly, if it makes HER happy, then of course I am happy for her to be 4 1/2 years old today.

With her current best friend Mattias - super heroes fighting the monsters away!

Really poor quality pictures taken in a rush this morning...but you get the idea.


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