Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11, 2013 - My Latest DIY (fail or not?)

Grace is slowly learning how to read these days (I am using this text, FYI) and I thought it would be fun to make a "velcro word wall" in her room, so that she can play with the words she knows how to read, make sentences, sort for rhyming, etc.  Sort of like our counting wall,  I also thought that making this wall would satisfy my "back to school" teacher urges.  Kristoffer said something like, "Can't she just use a whiteboard and magnets?" Which is a great idea! But a big whiteboard costs about $100 here.  And the little ones we have aren't THAT much fun.  Plus I thought that velcro would be more interesting to her because of the fun noise it makes.

So here's what I did:

1.  I printed words (the few she can already read, as well as maybe the next 75 that she'll learn) on colored cardstock and had them laminated. (yes, there is a color code but that is only for the benefit of  my neurotic self, and would totally frighten you away if I explain it here I am sure).

2. I attached velcro strips to the back of them using double sided tape. Later I found out that the tape wasn't strong enough so in round two the velcro strips were glued to the laminated words.

 3. I wiped off an empty patch of wall in Grace's to her bookshelf.

 4. I mounted the other half of the velcro onto the wall using a stronger double sided tape (the verdict is still out on how much wear and tear - literally! - this tape can take before I need to find a stronger adhesive.

5.  Then I gave Grace a box of laminated words that she knows how to sound out and revealed the wall to her.  Her initial reaction was along the lines of "wow! my words!"

6.  The final product:

The reason I don't know if this is a DIY success or failure is because:

A.  Since her first time playing with the wall she has had no interest whatsoever.  I suppose a small part of me did think (hope?) that she would be instantly writing sentences.


B.  It just doesn't look that cool.  The counting wall is way cooler, but I didn't want her words to be stationary - I want her to be able to use them at some stage.  Maybe it would have looked cooler if I had put the strips on the bright green wall in her room instead of the white wall.  I don't know.

Anyway, time will tell if the velcro word wall lasts or not.  Maybe as her reading skills progress so will her velcro interest!


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Cristin Frank said...

That is so cute and fun. If you're look to satisfy any more back to school urges, pop over to my blog for some more DIY fun!