Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013 - 30 Months

I know it is one of the sillier things that I do as a Mom - acknowledging milestones like half-birthdays and the like - but people in the world do plenty of sillier things than that anyway, and  I feel I am not totally alone out here in the world of "being obsessed with my kids."  Believe me - if i was really silly I would still be doing monthly updates with their pictures that say "Today I am 51 months old," because I honestly still do THINK that on the 22nd (N) or 26th (G) of every month since they were born.  I really do.

But anyway, today Noah IS actually 2 1/2 years old.  We notice this because his behavior and language and personality are either emerging or changing a lot these days.  He is napping for less time during the day, and if he naps too long will actually be up until 10 at night (a phase we have still yet to go through with Grace!).  He is mostly potty trained and talking a lot more in English and Danish, and even some in Kiswahili (like he prefers to count in Kiswahili for some reason).  His favorite song to sing is definitely the Tanzanian National Anthem.  Or Mamma Mia.  He is very physical - wanting to jump and climb and run and be a total dare-devil (he's wearing a helmet, below, for a reason - trust me!).  He has a good imagination, and in that way I think he is emulating Grace a lot.  He loves loves loves books (yay!  I remember when he didn't care for them much at all!) and adores his sister.  He sometimes plays WITH other friends instead of just near them, but mostly he plays alone or with Grace.  He can be shy with people who are not on the inner circle. He is very silly and sweet and snuggly.  Still.  And he usually has one (but sometimes 2 or 3) tantrums or complete "terrible two" meltdowns a day.  But he turns his charm on very quickly when the moment passes.  Thankfully.     

Anyway, at 2 1/2 I know I still view Noah as my baby in many ways...because isn't it always that way with your youngest?  But I do actually know that he is not a baby anymore - he is a real boy, a big boy, a growing boy.  But still, my boy.

Happy 2 1/2, Noah Dean! 


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Joanna said...

So cute! Happy half-birthday, Noah!