Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2, 2013 - The Latest Buzz

As my last blog described Grace's journey of forgiveness related to Buzz Lightyear's broken leg, I thought it best to take a look at Buzz's journey!  It took Kristoffer some days to figure out HOW to fix Buzz...but then fix him, he did!

The Before Picture
Only the lower half of the leg was broken, but it was amputated at the hip for fixing purposes.

The Process
Involving candles and melting plastic and screws and nails and other such things.

Throughout his full leg-reattachment, Buzz was a true Space Ranger and smiled through the pain.

The After Picture
Buzz has greater movement in that leg than he ever had before!  As a bonus, the lower leg is now completely detachable, which we hope Buzz finds to be useful in some way during encounters with suspicious aliens.

Well done, Kristoffer! Grace finds herself even more protective of Buzz now, but she was very grateful her Far fixed him up for good.  

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