Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 8, 2013 - Friends

Last weekend we had a little dinner party with some of Grace's best friends from school.  These four big girls have been close since last summer when we organized a play group everyday for them - you might remember their first photo together here.  Well, next year they will be all split up:  one family is going home to the US, and two of the other girls will be starting an international schools here in August (thankfully they are still in town!).  This dinner was meant to be sort of one last "hurrah" before moves and vacations and school changes.  You can see how silly they are!
After a fun time outside , we moved inside for a little dance party...which is why the Mamas are not featured with the Fars (and one small, sweet diva) below.
Noah plays by himself at school mostly, unless he is with Grace, but luckily one of the only other kids he does actually play with sometimes, Helena, will still be at school with him next year.  They love to give each other hugs and kisses, even if they don't look at the camera at the same time.

Thanks to Mama Freya for these great pictures. We so happy to have lovely friends here in Dar.

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