Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013 - Under the Big Top

Just as they did last year, Grace and Noah's school put on their end-of-the-year circus performance this past Friday.  It was a sweet show, including 6 minutes of Grace and her three besties being circus horses doing what their demanding trainer told them to do...with a treat at the end for their cooperation.  Noah's circus act - "cats and mice playing" - was adorable but was one mouse (or was he supposed to be a cat?) short as he refused to participate.  It was a little too close to his nap, and you know...there was a lot of papparazzi.  
He did get halfway into costume, with face paint!
But mostly just wanted to hang out with Far (this is after the face paint has been sweated off).

(I did warn you that it was 6 minutes long...and the minutes are a bit slow...feel free to eat your breakfast while you watch or something!)

Some still shots of the "fabulous horses" this year.  Grace LOVED all their preparation and had so much fun performing in "character"!

After she did her first trick...

The horses got a treat in the end!

 Everyone loves a circus!

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