Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013 - Third Time Around

We took our third trip to Zanzibar this past weekend, and went with another family.  We had a lot of fun staying at a very kid-friendly place near Stone Town.  It was an easy, fast, smooth ferry ride over Friday morning and we got to see a wee-bit of Stone Town before kids were exhausted and our friends arrived.  Friday afternoon/evening and all day Saturday we went from eating to the pool (and bar) to the playground on repeat all day.  We stayed in a lovely house that had 3-bedrooms and accommodated all 8 of us very nicely. Saturday night we even had dinner delivered to our dining room after the kids went to bed so that the adults could relax and enjoy :)  Sunday morning was lazy with rain, before a brutal (not fast, not easy, not smooth) ferry ride back to Dar.  We won't talk about my first experience being sea sick.  All in all a great weekend!  

Every time I go to Zanzibar, I want to go back again!  
Grace and Mattias (they hold hands by choice!) 

 They loved the trampoline!

Mattias - just hanging around!

Mamas and kiddos by the pool. What were the Fars doing?!  

 Good little travelers on their way back home to Dar.

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