Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 4, 2013 - Future Banker

Very rarely does a day go by when I haven't wished at some point to have a recording of all conversations that take place in our house.  It would be so helpful when Kristoffer and I disagree about who said what (I asked you to...No you didn't!...) but mostly I want it because the things that these children say are just so priceless.  The saying, "Kids say the darndest things..." was invented for a reason.  

To set this particular scene: it was about 6:20 am yesterday.  Kristoffer had just left for work and I was sitting at the table eating breakfast with Grace and Noah.  


Grace:  I want to go visit Niko. [she still very much misses her cousins who have gone back to Denmark] I think we have to take a big airplane to get to Denmark.  When can we go?

Me:  Well, it costs a lot of money to fly to Denmark and I don't think we have all that money right now, so it might be a long time.

Grace:  How much does it cost?

Me:  Tickets for the airplane probably cost more money than you can even think of.

Grace: *thinking...thinking...* Ok, I have a great idea.  Noah and me have some money in our piggy banks.  You can use that to help buy tickets.

Me:  Wow, Grace.  That is very nice of you to share your money.  

Noah:  Me money.  Airplane Nene's house.  [Noah talks about going to Nene's house at least once a week.]

Me:  Wow, Noah.  You want to share your money to buy tickets for an airplane to go to Nene's House?

Noah:  Yeah. Now.

Me: Ok, well I think now is too soon.  But how about Mama and Far will save some more of our money and when we are close to having enough we can use the money from your piggy banks to help buy the tickets.

Grace: Yes........but then you have to give the money back!


So much for giving - she was offering me a loan!  I'm just glad she hasn't figured out about interest yet!

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