Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013 - Dance Girl

Grace loves to dance, and when she turned 4 she could finally join the dance class offered after school by two Norwegian teachers who are also professional dancers.  She loved the class!  And yesterday was their "show" to end the semester.  There were 5 dances, and Grace's group were supposed to be fishes, so you can see them wearing "fins".  

I had some camera trouble so there aren't many still photos (and she was moving all the time!), but that video is pretty cute!


She was very proud, especially after being "a little nervous."  At the end, Noah gave his big sister a small bouquet of flowers (which he didn't even know he was going to do!) and when I put her to bed last night the only thing she said about her show was, "It made me really happy that my brudder gave me flowers."  I think that bought him a little bit more forgiveness the next time he bites her :)



Sarah said...

OMG, this is hilarious!!! She is so cute!!! Love how she waves in the beginning. She did so well. Gotta love "Working at the Car Wash", classic:) Maura has a "show" at her gymnastics class in like a month...should be interesting:) Sorry, I know I own you an email. Will get it off soon!

Wesley Xiong said...

She is so cute and hope she could be a good dancer.
I have a daughter, 3 yrs, I want to take her here for education as I am working here. So could you please tell me which this school it is?