Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9, 2013 - Safari Day 2 Photos: Just Getting Started

Tuesday morning wake up on Lake Manyara.

(Noah's hunger strike face - pretty much all week.)
The way out.
Good eyes.
Our first view of the Ngorongoro Crater, on our way to the Serengeti.  
It literally took my breath away adn brought tears to my eyes at first.  

Stopping to visit a Masai Village.

Inside a Masai hut. 
Inside the village's kindergarten. 
On the road again.  A happy traveling companion.

Jytte wins big points* for seeing these rocks...
...and noticing these ladies on top!
 I love this picture.
Bambi's cousin, African Bambi.
 Sorry, but I never get tired of lions...even when the lions are tired!

 In living color.
Where we called home...Serena Serengeti (very similar to all other safari Serena hotel).

Stay tuned for more - that was just Day 2!  And thank you again to Rasmus & Jytte for letting me share some of their awesome pictures too!

*Points are awarded according to a really serious and official point system we invented with my sister Christine back in Kenya many years ago.  The bigger/cooler or more difficult to spot the game, the more points you get.  Zebra, impala, gazelles, wildebeest are pretty worthless in terms of points because they are everywhere...except Grace kept spotting them so excitedly that she collected her fair share of points anyway.  Big Five game (lions, rhinos, leopards, buffalo and elephants) get the most points. Points are deducted for falsely spotting game (like the time I spotted a "rhino" that turned out to be a little house in Nairobi National Park).  One cannot award oneself any points - only others can do that.

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