Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013 - Safari Day 1 Photos: Mto wa Mbu Bridge is Falling Down

These are the only good pictures from our first official day of safari.  It would have made a great episode of an African reality TV show.  However inconvenienced we felt (which was really not TOO much), it was certainly real life.

Flash flooding and heavy rains destroyed the bridge.  You can see here machines trying to clear huge rocks and boulders what should be the road.

 Tanzanians waiting, watching, working.
 Tourist queue waiting to cross the bridge.  It went on and on behind us too.
 Josefine was the first to perch on top of our safari Landcruiser for a better view.  At some point all the kids were up there. 

We have no pictures of when we finally crossed the bridge by foot because we left EVERYTHING in the car to go for a walk and ended up not coming back.  The driver brought our stuff later (and it seems we only lost one thing in the process: Noah's pillow! Oh dear!)  But we did get to see the bridge again on our way back 4 days later.  It was an adventure for sure :)


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