Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30, 2013 - Noah Update

And now for a bit about Noah.  This boy.  Ohhhh, this boy.  

Noah is so sweet and cuddly - always has been.  But since turning two we have also seen a new side to Noah.  He is incredibly stubborn and, while we thought his sister would remain the champion of inexplicable temper tantrums, we think now he might have surpassed her in that regard.  He gets his whole body into a tantrum - throwing himself on the ground, rolling around, stomping, kicking, wailing.  The whole shebang.  We are trying not to give in to his every small wish and to help him understand that he can't always have his own way.  But boy is he tough!

He is also pushing his sister's buttons quite a bit.  He is always so well-behaved at school from what we are told, and at other people's houses or out in public.  But at home he will kick, bite, push, and throw stuff at Grace without any provocation (A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N!).  He has also taken to doing things he is not supposed to do, like coloring on the walls, or pouring food on the floor.  Because that is SO fun!
Looks so innocent, right?!?!
Noah weighs about 26 lbs (27th percentile) and is 34.5 inches tall (46th percentile).  Since his birthday he has grown 4.5 cms.  WOW!  For a few months Noah was not eating much.  He would eat well at school for lunch, but at home meals were not really working for him.  Fruit, yes.  Other food?  Not so much.  But since last week he has been eating REALLY well and we are psyched.  We are half-joking/half-serious in our hope that there has just been a change in him motivating him to eat...and not a TAPE WORM (which is not that uncommon here).  He still likes fruit and is back to eating yogurt and toast often.  He loves pasta and especially brown rice.  His newest food discovery is hard-boiled eggs.  Some days he will eat 2 or 3 of them!

Noah has been sleeping in his toddler bed (one side removed from his crib so that it is open) for a couple months now.  And just about 10 days ago he realized that he didn't need to cry for someone to get him when he wakes up, so he lets himself out of his mosquito net and his room all by himself  now. That makes for 6:30 wake ups with him right in my face saying, "Eat now!"

Noah is talking more and more.  He has words in both English and Danish, although probably slightly more English.  The biggest challenge is that he can't say the sound for "s" so sometimes it is hard to understand him correctly with that sound missing.  I think one of my favorite words he says is "aturday" :) 

Noah loves to play Legos with Far and is really into trucks, motorcycles, tractors, and cars. If he watches any kind of TV show he is hoping for some vehicles to be featured. He also gets really into whatever pretend play Grace is directing, "let's play Mama and Baby" she'll tell him...or "now we will have a picnic!"  He happily follows along with her...and will then eventually throw a block at her head.  He is definitely frequenting "time out" these days, but we know it is just a phase and look forward to its end.
Noah with a Masai "walimu" (teacher) at the village school we visited.
Noah enjoys going to school and I think is starting to play a little bit more WITH some other kids instead of just side-by-side play near other kids.  He is always in the sand box, which is also great because we usually go to the beach every weekend.  He loves music and knows the words to the Tanzanian national anthem along with a couple other songs in Kiswahili, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, You are My Sunshine, and Mamma Mia :)  He especially loves BABIES in real life...we have two friends with wee ones at home and he is completely sweet on them.  Doggies, cats, and other animals remain very popular.  And before he sleeps during the day or at night, it is books books books books.  He knows which books Mama can read in English, and which books are for Far in Danish.  He has his favorites for sure.  He is really into his Far, wishing for him whenever he is not around and needing him to do bedtime at night.  One of his favorite things to do is go in to work with Far on the weekends to drop off clothes for the week (since he bikes in).  "Me go arbejde!"  (his Danglish is pretty sweet, by the way).   

He must have had a bad fungal infection in his ears for quite a long time before we got into under control, and as a result was not swimming much.  But for the last month he is back into it and likes to jump into the pool and kick and splash in the water.  He is so much fun :)

The picture is a little fuzzy, but you can still see that Noah charm.

We find this boy irresistible...he'll charm your socks if you let him!


Unknown said...

I feel like I've known Noah since his birth! Thank you for sharing a little bit of Noah with us. If he loves babies and animals I am sure that he will be one big cuddly bear with lots of personality when eh grows up.

Question - what other disciplinary actions do you take when Noah acts up besides time-outs? It seems to me like Grace is a pretty cool big sister.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

and by unknown they mean Paloma